Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

C.R.I. Pumps has expertise in designing and manufacturing of fire pumps and its controllers since more than a decade and we are pioneered in the field of fire fighting pumps by delivering highly efficient and innovative products to suit the demands of fire protection consultants. The most important aspect of fire protection package is the reliability of the fire fighting pumping system to ensure adequate water supply at required pressure at emergency conditions. C.R.I. pump is manufacturing wide range of fire fighting pumps and controllers and exporting to various countries which is widely accepted in international market. The quality of each product is monitored at each stage of production to make sure that each product delivered to customer is the best. C.R.I. is offering various types of pumps for fire protection system such as split case, end suction and vertical inline pumps. These pumps are manufactured with stringent quality process to meet the customer expectations and trouble free operation for years.

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